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How do I increase my Sales and Sell more in Kelowna ?

Do you want to sell more in less time and make more money?

Do you want to sell more and have your business grow in Kelowna— even in a down economy?

FloodLight Consulting's 16 week program prepares you to sell effectively for the rest of your life!

Seek to understand and then SELL!!!!
Our clients are able to communicate with potential clients, separate prospects from suspects quicker, faster and better and once engaged, they know precisely which communication tool to utilize in order to move the client to the next step of the sales process.

At FloodLight Consulting we work with entrepreneurs, small and mid size businesses assisting them with their Sales, Marketing and Branding of products and services.

What they say, how they say it, and when to say it!

What our clients like best is that we help remove the bottle necks in their business and change the way they think and feel about Sales, Marketing and Branding. All of these approaches help to increase sales and profits.

FloodLight specializes in Sales, Marketing and Branding programs for Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium- sized Businesses (SMB).

FloodLight's core competencies were designed specifically to meet the operational needs of any business relying on standard sales practices.

With our 16 week program, you'll learn the secrets of the top sales professionals:

1. The 10 Steps required for Life Success
2. What you need to do to Attain your Goals
3. What you need to know about Selling!!!! What is the Process by which people use to buy on a daily basis ? - "Your 15 minutes of Fame"
4. Elevator Pitch – Why it’s important and why you need one.
5. FloodLight Communication System. Repeatable Reusable and a Real Time Saver.
6. Close more business deals by asking the right questions.
7. Using the telephone to make more sales.
8. Referral Process – We teach you how ask for referrals in a manner that works!
9. The Seven Key Steps of the Sales Process – How and when to Close!
10. We teach when and then how to ask for Testimonials . These will then become the cornerstone of your sales process.
11. We will teach you how to deal with procrastinators
12. With our Program, you will have a strategic goal for your target market. This will deliver results.
13.This program will will assist us in reviewing and defining how best to target your market.
14. We will work with you to decide what corporate literature to use and when to use it effectively.
15. We will work with you to develop a sales campaign in your community.

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Listening is the key to selling

In today’s business world, unless you go into the sales arena with a strategy in mind, you will fail more times than you win with prospective clients, as they are busy with their own businesses.

When selling in these times, you must learn to ask the proper questions in order to gain the appropriate information that then leads to increased knowledge.

Knowledge is power, and as you listen to your client’s answers, you will discover a tremendous amount of information that will be pivotal in the sales process.

Once you fully understand the client’s situation, you will be able to make effective presentations which will enhance your personal credibility.

This will give you the confidence to express your own ideas clearly, specific to the situation, and visually when necessary. All of these factors will significantly increase the probability of making the sale.
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If appropriate at this time, I would take the opportunity to explain how FloodLight Consulting - Online Internet Business Coach might approach these issues.
We would move to the next stage if we can agree on some common ground.

"The next step is yours!!
The steps to success are a call away.

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