Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Build Your Business by Listening more!!

Listening is the key to selling

In today’s business world, unless you go into the sales arena with a strategy in mind, you will fail more times than you win with prospective clients, as they are busy with their own businesses.
When selling in these times, you must learn to ask the proper questions in order to gain the appropriate information that then leads to increased knowledge.
What are your best questions?
Knowledge is power, and as you ask great questions, listen to your client’s answers, you will discover a tremendous amount of information that will be pivotal in the sales process.
What are the top 10 questions that you will ask every client?
Once you fully understand the client’s situation, you will be able to make effective presentations which will enhance your personal credibility.

The fact is when you meet your client that you are prepared will impress your client because having prepared questions is a strong indication that you have spent time thinking about helping them with the issues that your questions uncover.

Asking great questions helps you and our client to define their needs, to define their desired outcomes, and to consider how to move from where they are now to an attainable goal.

These questions will give you the confidence to express your own ideas clearly, specific to the situation, and visually when necessary.

All of these factors will significantly increase the probability of making the sale.
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