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At the core of our Business Solution coaching programs is our ability to help you focus to Build Your Business.

At FloodLight we work with business owners to Assess their business needs, Assemble a comprehensive strategy, and Apply tailor made solutions in a practical day-to-day action plan.

At FloodLight our goal is to help you maximize your result and achieve a greater work life balance. The outcome is a more effective management of your time, team and money.

Being an owner can be a lonely job. At FloodLight we provide you with a coaching team to be your sounding board. We provide coaching and excellent programs to assist you to solve problems and turn them into opportunities.

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FloodLight Build Your Business

At FloodLight we advocate a 3-stage process with our products and services, which we call Assess, Assemble, and Apply.

Assess: In the first stage of our process we will diagnose the most critical areas of your business through one-on-one conversation with you and a series of carefully structured questions. We call this the process of “exposing the pain”! This will form the basis for our coaching recommendations to you.

Assemble: In the second stage of our process we will review the priorities and objectives derived from our Assessment stage, and assemble a tailor-made, coaching program specifically designed to help you meet your goals. Your personalized coaching plan will contain the necessary components to help you Build your Business! Business solutions with appropriate timelines will be thoroughly tabled and presented for your approval.

Apply: The third stage of our process is the heart and soul of putting your personalized business solutions plan into action through a regular weekly coaching program. We will work closely with you to see you through the application of your business solutions plan containing specifically defined objectives. Our coaching program is designed to ensure that the achievement of your goals is both fun and rewarding, and that you are growing your business!

Sales and Marketing
At FloodLight our sales and marketing programs help you better understand the sales process in your organization and develop a strategy to increase sales and profitability, establishing Key Performance Indicators. It takes a plan to make your business successful!

Sales Planning - A structured process to help you develop a comprehensive sales budget that allows you to measure actual results against weekly, quarterly and annual planned objectives.

Marketing Plan - Is a map for the sales team to achieve success. The resulting plan is now your road map to promoting your products and services.

Sales Training - Sales Training ensures that you and your sales team are clear in understanding the reasons why customers love to buy but hate to be sold; and how to close the sale! Our program will help to communicate effectively with potential clients, and separate the prospects from the suspects. Once engaged, you will know precisely which communication tool to utilize in order to move the client to the next step of the sales process.

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At FloodLight we will coach you through the steps of process simplification in order to maximize your operational efficiencies and increase both your productivity and profitability.

Operations Training - We take a look at your broad categories of Sales, Marketing, Administration and Finance, Health & Safety, Quality Control, Inventory Management, and Human Resources, and provide you with proper training and coaching to ensure you have the necessary systems and procedures in place to succeed. Process Simplification will allow you to focus on your priorities and eliminate your bottlenecks, which are your time and money wasters.

Strategic Planning Training - We will help you grow and diversify your business, and plan your future through areas such as Research and Product Development, Horizontal and Vertical Integration, Mergers and Acquisitions, Succession Planning, and Exit Strategies.

Business Plan Training - This program will guide you through the steps of preparing a comprehensive Business Plan or coach you through the merits of your existing plan with revisions and updates as required.

Organizational Planning– Your organization has grown and it’s time to develop your policies and procedures and define “How we do it here”. FloodLight works with you through planning sessions to develop your operational guide lines, increasing efficiencies and productivity.

90-Day SMART Planning Session - Imagine for a moment taking one day to plan the next 90 days of your life - documenting everything you hope to achieve in the next 90 days and then creating an action plan for achieving specific results within specific timelines!

Please contact us at 250.768.9415 or email us ( Click Here ) for more information on how we can help you "Build Your Business"!


The internet has become a major marketing tool that can no longer be ignored. The internet is the most cost effective way of using your marketing dollars and putting your business and its products and services out there for others to find.

But without the knowledge on how to tap into this very effective medium and a strategy to implement your plan, you will not be found and can end up wasting a lot of time, effort, and money.

Website Content

At FloodLight we work with you to develop your website content so that you can be found on the internet! We ensure that your target market understands your products, services and how you address their needs.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

At FloodLight we have found that many companies feel lost, paying for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords, without realizing that their website has never been optimized organically to increase their positioning in local markets.

Internet Marketing

Blogs - FloodLight can help you create a Blog and start the process of interacting with your visitors. This is a great way to repurpose all relevant information to the web so that you become the expert and leader in your field.

Analytics FloodLight can help you track your efforts and analyze the visitors to your Blog and website, and assist you in making better internet marketing decisions for your business.

Social NetworkingFloodLight can help you implement your social media strategy and determine which of the social networking sites will best suit your specific goals.

Below are some of the more common social networking sites:

• Micro blogging (Twitter)
• Business Networking (LinkedIn, Xing)
• Social Networking (Face book, MySpace, Blogger)
• Photo & Video Sharing (Flicker, You tube, Picasa)

Website Development – Websites – Blogs – Social Networking

The Internet has become the great equalizer for businesses large and small. No longer is a business reach governed by an advertising budget or media placement. Internet Marketing and Social Media are changing the way we do business today. Just having a website is not enough! Businesses need an Internet marketing plan in order to capitalize on the electronic revolution.

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On Going Business Solutions

Some business owners and business managers have got too much to do, and they are spending too much time on the wrong things.

At FloodLight our business coaching team helps our clients concentrate on their core business and the things they should be doing.

On Call Business Support – At FloodLight we provide on call business support to help you make those critical business decisions. Our coaches are available for council and discussion to ensure that you have considered all your options and have clarity in every area of your business!

Marketing Support- At FloodLight we can help you through the marketing maze! We work closely with our clients to identify and action the marketing strategies and opportunities that will grow and improve your business.

Operations Support– At FloodLight we can help you set up, evaluate, re-focus, streamline, and systemize your core areas of operations. We will coach you through the steps of process simplification to ensure maximum efficiencies in your operations at minimal cost.

Strategic Planning Support- At FloodLight we will assist you in developing a strategic plan or review and upgrade and existing one, so that you are properly positioned for future success. Our coaches will also guide you through the steps of effective succession planning as well as an exit strategy, even if you never plan to leave! We can also help you develop a comprehensive business plan.

Our Fee Structure

Our coaching program is designed to maximize your results in a minimum amount of time without ‘interfering’ in your business. Our fee structure is designed to fit your needs based on a 3, 6, or 12 month program. Our typical coaching program is based on a one hour a week coaching session.

After an initial diagnostic process with one of our coaches a coaching program will be presented to you for your approval. Then, let the fun begin!

Please contact us at 250.768.9415 or email us ( Click Here ) for more information on how we can help you "Build Your Business"!


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